newbie joined after lurking for years

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newbie joined after lurking for years

by Blaze » Tue Jul 02, 2024 6:47 pm

hello everyone, my names darren or blaze (you choose) after spending many years lurking on this forum, i finally decided to join and become a full member while i'm here. here's a bit adout me and why i'm here now. well, i am a bit car mad, if you ask people who know me. i say i'm just passionate. i have a particular passion for 90's vauxhall as most of my car history is 90's vauxhalls, inculding 2 non turbo 4x4 calibras some 20 years ago. i am a self taught mechanic with 30 years of experince and knowledge. i'll have a crack at anything. welding, bodywork, paint spraying. i rebuilt my first engine when i was just 13 and rebuilt my first car by the age of 17, so it started early for me and continues to this day. i am happy to say that since 2012 i have been a proud calibra owner again. i got the chance to buy a 1995 met black v6 in 2012 and paid just £200 for it, it nearly went for scrap but i saved it. had it for 8 years and the v6 engine was bullitproof, never went wrong once. the body however was not in a good way by 2018. late that year i found a 2.0 rolling shell just 5 mins from my home and bought that for £150. then plan was to use bits from it to rescue the v6, however.... the rolling shell turned out to be in much better condtion. what to do ???
after months of indecison i finally decided what i was going to do, i bulit a new from the 2. thats kinda why i'm here, i wish to share my project with you. i don't normally do this sort of thing but i have put so much work into the build, i feel that it needs to be seen. took 3 years to build her and had her on the road for the last 2.
i will start a project thread very soon but it will be in stages, as its alot to go through in one go. there are some modifcation that i have done, that i've seen tried but never finished and some that i've not seen tried. might be of interest to you guys. looking forward to see what you think of her and any questions you may have i'll try to answer. (was meant to be a short hello)

well i'll shut up for now lol but keep an eye out for a thread called "the blue dinosaur"
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Re: newbie joined after lurking for years

by Cliff » Sun Jul 07, 2024 1:07 pm

Glad to see you found the forum too, have been enjoying your posts on FB.

Andrew (Cliff)

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