Wiring in r/c/l alarm help!

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Wiring in r/c/l alarm help!

by Chavtastic » Tue Jun 03, 2014 5:38 pm

Right guys I'm wiring an aftermarket r/c/l alarm into my '96 Calibra turbo.

Here's the wiring I've done so far.

In the passenger footwell behind the kick panel I've found these wires coming out of the long/thin black multiplug.

-Thich red = +12v
-Thick brown with a red stripe = Lock
-Thick brown with white stripe = Unlock
-I've temporarily earthed the alarm to a door pin, this works fine I've tested it
-I'm getting my switched live from my ignition switch, this works fine I've tested it

I've then wired the siren, shock sensor and LED in as instructed, and the central locking outputs I've wired to the negative trigger layout in the instructions.

Things I haven't yet wired up on the alarm:
-Indicator flashers
-Window roll up (I'll get this from drivers kickpanel brown/black)
-Boot release
-"Side doors" - I assume this means to the interior light, to trigger the alarm when the doors are opened
-Immobiliser circuit
-Foot brake switch (to lock doors whilst moving)

Now the problem:
The alarm remotes seem to work fine. Lock and unlock make the alarm brain's relays click nicely. The problem is the car doesn't lock/unlock? The brain seems powered up, and the LEDs are flashing, the sirens are chirping.
Have I got the wrong wires in the footwell for the lock/unlock?

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