ICE build on my 911 (pics)

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ICE build on my 911 (pics)

by Chavtastic » Sun Apr 22, 2012 1:52 pm

Okay here's just a little taster of what I've been doing these past few days

I took the door cards off my Porsche

Removed these strange looking things (Nokia speakers with their own enclosures!)

Got myself a pair of these beauties, Focal Polyglass. Not cheap but the way they are put together is amazing and they sound like nothing else!

I had to make up a baffle to sit them in, and due to the shape of the door and door card, ended up having to make them like this

That's a solid MDF baffle utilising the original mounts for the speaker enclosure. I've sound deadened the door as well and run new OFC cabling directly to a Vibe Black Air 4-channel amp (to also run subs) - 4x 175w RMS

This in turn is running off this absolutely awesome... thing, touch screen with built in GPS, DVD player, reversing camera etc...

I've also had to re-locate that climate control panel, which fortunately you can buy a kit from Porsche to do just this, as this is how the car is set up when it has a double DIN from the factory. You basically buy an adapter trim panel and then re-route the cables behind the new headunit! Simple!

I didn't bother to refit the Grey leather interior, I've gone for a black leather version this time. This will be complimented by body-coloured interior parts (vents, centre console), and black carbon fibre / flocked dashboard!

Next I've got to finish mounting the amp, hiding the wiring, and get my kicker subs installed behind the rear seats in a custom box.

Then once it's all set up it should be quite a loud and crisp sound system! I might then upgrade the dash and rear speakers (to run off the headunit)
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Re: ICE build on my 911 (pics)

by saunders » Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:14 pm

nice work

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