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Club Calibra Event Categories and Rules

by v6 steve » Mon Apr 27, 2015 9:56 pm

Club Calibra VBOA Show


Best Interior: this is for an interior of a Calibra that is in some way outstanding to the others. This does not mean a fully reworked custom interior; it can be a stunning well kept totally standard interior

Best I.C.E install: ICE (or In Car Entertainment) is an install that is well done, pleasing to the eye and sounds good. It can also be accompanied by light show or a multi media set up

Best Engine Bay: This is for a well kept and CLEAN engine bay; it does not have to be a bling type affair. A well presented bay that has been well looked after and all the paintwork and rubber section have been cleaned and polished. If the sound deading has been removed then the exposed paintwork should clean and free from oil etc. The inner wings block and other engine items should be well presented

Best Standard Car: Awarded to a car that is as close to the standard way it would have been sold. If it is a SE model or one of the other special editions then the items it would have been fitted with will be taken into consideration, IE: wheels, interior fittings and body add on like spoilers or badges. It must also be well presented, cars that are dirty, rusty or not very well presented but are as standard as the day they rolled out the showroom, does not mean they will win over one that is clean, well kept but have some minor alterations. Points are deducted for items that have changed. Wheels, seats or body work (spoilers etc) are more serious than say a wing repeater or a stereo. So the serious ones well lose more points

Best Presented: This is classed as 2nd over all, the car dosnt need to be a finished car or highly modified, this is for the Car that has been Presented in an out standing way and time and effort put in to it is 2nd to none

Best of Show: The most prestigious award given by the club, it also means when it’s won that the car represents the club in the VBOA awards. This is a car that is well presented and in excellent condition. It will be exceptional in its bodywork, interior and engine bay. The car may be standard or modified but it will be improved or as good as the day it rolled of the production line.

Achievement (Philip James Award): For those that do not know about this a brief rundown. In 2003 a member of the club was tragically killed in a road accident. Members of the club and site donated an amount of money. The family of Philip wished that this was used to give some sort of award; this was given along with the cup to the best in show. It was decided last year to now give this to a person that has been with the club for sometime, and has been loyal or has given something back to the club over the years. Since it’s a new Category we will just have to see how it develops. It may well go to someone that their car has never won anything (for what ever reason) to someone that has given up their own free time to help the club out. To a member that has helped out with advice, or information.


If for any reason the Billing show is cancelled before the awards can be presented, then a panel will decided on the winners of each of the Categories. The panel will be made up from the Admin, Moderators, past winners of awards and long standing members of the club. And the results are based upon what they know about the Vehicles on the day and from past knowledge of what has been done to them

The winners will also be picked, based on a certain criteria on why the show has been cancelled IE: like 2012 a few people did get there so they had priority over someone who would have been at the show but did not arrive,

1. Only one category can be won at any one time
2. Once one category has been won, then that car is not eligible to enter that same category for 2 years form the date it won, unless there is significant changes (that is decided by judges)
3. If the car is sold and is presented by a new owner, then rule 2 still applies
4. Judging will take place on the Saturday between 2pm and 5pm thus all cars must be on the club stand with in these times
5. If a car is to be considered for a category that may need the car to be opened (i.e.: interior, Engine bay or ICE) then if the owner or someone with access is not available at the time the judges are present, then it may well not be included for that category. Simply having the car open may also be a reason for exclusion, as the judges may wish to have something demonstrated or ask questions about the car…please also be aware that we may not know who the owner is….so please introduce yourself
6. Awards will be presented at the BBQ later that evening, so PLEASE do attend or have someone to represent you there
7. The final results will remain secret till the actual awards, so please don’t ask before hand
8. The awards given are yours to keep, Apart from the Philip James award which must be returned to be presented the following year. If for any reason the holder can not attend, then it is their responsibility to have it available for that year’s presentation. It is also understood that any damage will be made good by them or a replacement must be bought at their cost
9. If for any reason anyone does not wish to be considered for a category, then please make this clear BEFORE the time of the show
10. All decisions are final and not open to discussion or alteration
11. The winner of Best in show MUST have their car available on the Sunday to represent the club in the VBOA awards. If you can not attend this, then the please let us know. The award will still stand but we may decided to have another car represent the club at the VBOA awards
12. If the VBOA awards are cancelled. Then the clubs best in show for that year are still excluded from entering the category for next year. This is outwit our control and as such our rule 2 still applies
13. All entrants may be asked to provide proof that they are paid members of the club, so please have an up to date membership card available
14. The most important rule….We only started these awards to show appreciation for the work members put into their cars. It’s not meant to be the reasons why you attend so please do not feel that because you have not won anything you or your car are not considered worthy. The show is about the people, the meeting up with others and having fun. In that everyone that attends is a enjoy the weekend and if you win consider it a bonus

PVS, Scottish Car Show, Trax

Chairman's Choice, this is a new trophy that will be presented at the 3 other main shows we attend (we will add other shows if enough members attend) to the car that is classed best calibra of the Day, this will be juddged be the Club Chairman or the member that has been asked to be the Stand organiser of that show

Club Attendance at shows/events

1. All attendees will abide by the event rules and regulations, we will endeavour to make everyone aware of these prior to a show, but if not then it’s YOUR responsibility to enquire as to what these are (simply ask before you go!!)
2. Please respect all marshals or any other events employee’s and follow their directions
3. It is YOUR responsibility for your safety and for any passengers, and also for your own security of belongings and those of your passengers.
4. Club property if damaged by anyone will be repaired/replaced by the person/s causing the damage
5. If anyone is found to have brought the club into disrepute, then you may be asked to leave. If this is the case then it may well also mean your membership will also be cancelled

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