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1995 Ecotec for sale - Now Gone

by rips » Wed Jun 27, 2018 10:33 am

The time has come to part with my Calibra. It has been my daily for the last 6+ years, not my cherished toy but more like a well-loved daily. It has a few minor faults now, which although none serious, I have not got the time or motivation to fix them all.

The facts:
Jungle Green Ecotec
146,000 miles. I bought it in March 2012 with 107,000 on the clock.
Black leather interior
Service history for time I have owned it. This is in the form of a detailed spreadsheet, not a few dealer's stamps.
Original (tired) suspension replaced in July 2012 with GMax kit.
Stainless exhaust
Strut brace
Smoked rear lights
Short shift kit & replacement bushes. I seemed to have missed this in the service log but I moved them across from my previous Calibra, so these would have been fitted within days of me buying the car.
2 sets of tyres. A summer set which really need replacing, on standard 5 spoke wheels, but refurbished in anthracite a few years ago. These have some scuffs near the centre due to being knocked over, but have not been kerbed. 1 of the tyres has a screw in the tread, causing a puncture.
Winter tyres which were new in December & have only done about 2000-2500 miles. These are on standard 5 spoke silver alloys which have seen better days. The winter tyres are on the car now because of the previously mentioned puncture.
MOT until September
It has lived outdoors for the time I have owned it.

The good bits:
Engine suffered a cam belt failure in March 2016 (132826 miles), so the head has been rebuilt & has given no trouble since.
No EML seen for several years (unusual for an Ecotrick), certainly no EML faults since the head rebuild.
Crank pulley torsional vibration damper replaced at this time. This failed on my previous Cali.
Gearbox feels good. All gears engage (& stay engaged) with no crunching.
Short shifter makes a huge improvement.
Metal Monkey instrument dials with green digits & white LED backlighting. These are much more visible then the OEM gauges.
New clutch fitted in September 2014 at 124305 miles.
Seats are in good condition for age. Driver's bolster shows some signs of wear but has no tearing or splitting.
Sunroof still works.
The doors have never been stuck shut in the winter (they did on my previous Cali).

The bad bits:
Headlining sagged & I removed the membrane several years ago. A bolt dropped through the grommet, which I assume was from the sunroof. I have not opened this since apart from at the weekend to ensure it still actually works.
All door cards have bubbled.
Stainless exhaust sounds chavvy & dreadful. It also has 2 outlets which are way bigger & stick out a lot further than I thought hey would. I don't like the look or the sound of it. I wish I had left the original mild steel one on there.
Knocking at the front end. I replaced the anti-roll bar drop links but this has not cured it & I have not investigated further.
A few bulbs on the dash need replacing.
The cable for the feet-mid heater adjuster has broken.
Some rust around one of the rear wheel arches.
I whacked the NS mirror a few years back & replaced it with a dark blue one, which I never got around to re-painting.
The OS wing has a dent in the top. This is not obvious from all angles but it annoys me because it was parked when it happened & I had only waxed it the previous day. It looks like someone may have slipped while walking & bashed their elbow...or something harder?
The passenger footwell was wet after it rained very heavily a few weeks ago. It has remained dry since.
Driver's door has a split in the seal. This has never caused a leak so I have not got around to replacing it, even though I think I have a replacement seal somewhere.
I broke the instrument panel's dimmer switch when replacing the bulb. I have a spare switch somewhere.
The passenger seat heater failed earlier this year. I had previously been told that these fail due to cable fracture when the seat is folded forward a lot for rear access. I have been carrying rear passengers a lot more recently, so it seems reasonable that this is the problem. The driver's seat heater works normally.

If anyone wants this, then please take the lot including spares for £200.
1995 Calibra 16v Ecotec Jungle Green
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