Calibra turbo cutting out when driving

Any electrical issues

Calibra turbo cutting out when driving

by Richiem » Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:44 pm

Hi Peps

Got an issue with my cali thats ive been slowly bringing back to the road after along time it storage.
Everything was fine recently and she was driving really well up until i got her MOT`D.
Drove her back home and covered her up thinking all would be fine .
Since then, ive only changed the exhaust system as the one fitted has some damage and was leaking in 2 places.
Have now fitted a mint system with has no cat fitted.
( mentioned this incase its in any way relevant )
Now this week i thought id give her a quick blast around the block to keep everything loose and ive noticed something is up!
Starts up a bit slow needed a good few seconds to connect but after revs up ok with no missing or problems.
Thing is, as soon as i try to drive her all hell brakes loose!!!
Seems as i go through the revs she suddenly cuts out dead like the electrics have been cut off.
Can restart ok , and will pull away nice and smooth but then at some point soon after just sshut down dead again??
This is a very hard cut out and stall..
Sometimes it will just jump and stutter very hard then just sudddenly find its self and roar off going thro 1st/ 2nd / 3rd then BAM cut out dead??
I have since changed out the following / cts/ new leads/ new plugs gapped correctly/ new rota /
Seems to have good fuel pressure at rail when checked!
Dissy cap isnt more than 6 months old and has some light marks on points but looks good..
Im getting no fault codes when paper clip test done and no eml light.
In between these harsh cut outs , she seems to drive strong with no miss fires and goes right thro the rev range ok.
Getting the feeling something is breaking down randomly ( ie fuel pump or coil) This is because she driving sweet then dying suddenly
( like the electrics are shorting dead)
Any new ideas would be welcome guys??
Been advised it could be an afm issue but really not thinking that!
Its not like shes running rough but more like a loose connection or part cutting out.
Cheers for any ideas guys!
Rich ( ps. completely standard car other than magnacore leads and de cat exhaust))
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